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How To Install Mechanical Products Exported to Foreign Countries in 2020

Feb. 26, 2021


Since the outbreak of the epidemic worldwide, countries all over the world have adopted different restrictions on entry, suspension of visas, and suspension of international routes. These control measures have brought many difficulties for foreign trade companies to conduct international business. During the epidemic, Jixian Trade actively responded, explored solutions, and assisted foreign customers to complete equipment installation and commissioning and technical training through video connections, and helped customers to successfully put into production

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After the outbreak, Turkey temporarily closed the entry channel for foreign personnel, and engineers who were originally scheduled to go to Turkey for installation and commissioning were unable to go as planned. In this special situation, we have formed an "online installation and commissioning team" composed of the company’s engineers and translators, adopting the “remote assistance to guide the installation and commissioning” work method, connecting Turkish engineers to real-time online discussion and on-site video analysis provide necessary technical support for installation and commissioning.

Throughout the process of "remote assistance to guide installation and commissioning", we formulated a detailed installation and commissioning plan and schedule, adjusted the working time of the our side, overcome the 5-hour time difference, and worked synchronously and closely with the Turkey engineers. In order to put the production line equipment into use as soon as possible , our engineers sacrificed a lot of personal rest time, timely analyzed the problems that occurred during the commissioning process, and provided professional solutions. All tested product models reached customer requirements. , The equipment was successfully put into production.

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